Honestly, I myself didn’t take some time to think seriously about discipline for babies. To think what the discipline is. To be a good person? To find the way to live? I prefer “polite”, “kind”, “punctual”, “respectful”, and “clean”. These words are suitable for the national characteristic of Japanese. 

discpline by makiko

For me, greeting to family and other people is the most important discipline. As we all cannot live alone in this world, we need to help each other, among family and other people. From my experience, words like “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Sorry” make a good relationship. “ITADAKIMASU” and “GOCHISOUSAMA” are what Japanese people say before and after eating food – meaning thank you for having this meal. So I keep telling the kids about greeting.

Discipline is not the same, it all depends on parent or people who had met, I think.
So I want my kids to know that “you are only one, so value yourselves”, however “everyone is not same, so try to understand what other people feel”.

daughter eating at table