I will introduce one of Japanese mom’s activity as a way of taking care of babies.
When my kids were infant, I brought them to the place where there are baby-massage, baby-dance, or baby swimming. I also took them to baby indoor play area or friends’ house to let them communicate with other babies and moms.

Since they began to walk, I often took them to public park if the weather was good, and indoor kid’s room if it was raining or too hot outside.
We also enjoy seasonal events since Japan has four seasons. For example, cherry blossom viewing party 
is one of the Japanese spring event called “OHANAMI”. In summer, we go out and play water splashing while enjoy “SUIKAWARI” – when we hit a watermelon to split and eat with family 
and friends. Autumn might be the best season to play outside. We can find out the pine corns or 
the acorns, and collect them. Also, kids have fun with the fallen leaves. If it is snowing in winter, we enjoy building a snowman like Oraf.