How to go on when baby refuse to eat the food which they used to like, or picky eaters

Most of the parents might have their share of difficulty about children’s meal.

Some kids are not interesting in eating, some can’t eat much than parents are expecting, or picky eaters. In our case, my daughter doesn’t like to try the foods those are new to her. Moreover she is cautious with green color and sour taste since she can imagine that taste. My son doesn’t have concentration while eating. He eats 3 bites and then starts playing with toys although he still can eat. “Why he can eat by himself at school, but not home? He might just want to be spoiled?” But I have to tell him more strictly that he needs to sit while eating everywhere.

“You are what you eat”. As I am concerned dietary education is also important part of parenting. The body function is very honest thus I am caring about the food I eat especially since I was a pregnant and till now the meal I am serving to kids every day.

Basically I am cooking by myself. Two things that I value are nutritious balance diet and variety of food through a day. For example, if my kids had carbohydrate made from flour at school, I will prepare rice for dinner and I try to serve other vegetables or fruits which they don’t have for lunch. Moreover I am trying to present the way looks delicious with various shape and brightly colored foods on cute plate to make them more attractive.

I am always planning how kids can enjoy the meal. Before I used to feel irritated while they are eating, because it takes long time to finish up, can’t focus on the meal and be picky eaters.

Ideal is sitting still and enjoy meal together… Hmmm it might takes a little bit more time to be like that.

When my son wants me to feed, I am still helping him. He asks me “Press my nose bottom to open my mouth”, and I press and give him one spoon. I repeat that 4 – 5 times then I know he will be satisfied.

When my kids were babies, when they don’t open their mouth for some reason, I pretended spoon as an airplane flying in the sky. When spoon comes close to their mouth, they open mouth reflexively. It really worked to my babies and reduced my stress. Some moms might feel that the thing what I had been doing was not good behavior, but for me priority while meal were to enjoy and eat well.

When I began to prepare baby meal, I tried to give variety of foods to explore their sense of taste. I don’t know what they like and dislike, everything are new to them. I was actually having fun with recoding what they ate, and how was the expression or reaction.   

It happens sometimes the food which baby eats yesterday but isn’t accepted today, then I am changing the way I cook or receipt. Once I gave my daughter a banana often because it has rich nutrition and easy to serve, after few days later, she refused to eat… “Oh why…? Hmmm… Maybe I gave too much, she might get sick of it.” Since then I mix it in pancake, so she can eat it. My kids used to eat tomato, but now they don’t. So I put it into stew or using tomato can or puree to take its nutrition. Green vegetables which many kids have difficulty to eat, I chop it and put into meat ball or omelet to cover up its taste. Some baby don’t like its soft texture, thus changing the firm might also help you.

Finally, I remember I also couldn’t eat or didn’t like some foods when I was young. However the sense of taste is going to change as growing up, so I put same foods on kids’ plate as ours even though I know they don’t like it. Showing them what I am eating and tell them “Taste good”, might hopefully make kids become interested in eating lot of kinds of food in the future.