4 Things To Do For Your Baby Before They Turn One

Must food item for baby traditional celebration in Japan Must food item for baby traditional celebration in Japan How many celebration do you have in Thailand after birth until baby turns 1 year old? And is there any typical traditional food that you can eat on that day?

In Japan, we have four events before the first birthday and I tried to prepare the authentic food “one soup and three dishes” style for my baby and family. But I remember that I struggled with making extraordinary foods such as whole grilled sea bream (鯛の塩焼き), glutinous rice with red bean called O-seki-han (お赤飯), simmered food (煮物) cherrystone clam soup (蛤のお吸い物) etc. These are thought as staple lucky food, so I have been eating when my family celebrate something since I was young. For me, these are light taste and very healthy food so I like it. However, takes long time to prepare them so I needed to make up my mind.

The first celebration is held on the 7th night day after a birth, called O-shichi-ya (お七夜). We celebrate that baby can see in 7th day and pray “May you be always fine” with family.I had just left out from hospital one day before O-shichi-ya, so my mother let me take a rest while baby was sleeping, and prepared this celebration for us. On that day is also known as the name giving ceremony.

Next one is called O-miya-mairi (お宮参り) when baby turned 1 month old and we are taking a baby to the shrine to pray for blessing. It takes about 20 min to pray, so I was concerned my 3 year daughter can stay still or baby

On the 100th day, we have a celebration of the baby’s first food ceremony called O-kui-zome (お食い初め). This ceremony is held to pray for the baby to have enough to eat throughout his or her long life. Besides staple food we prepare stone for healthy growth of teeth. As I performing the ritual touches a stone found at a shrine with the chopsticks and then rubs their tips on the baby’s gums or lips to wish. I tried to prepare for my first baby but I decided to go Japanese restaurant where provide this special meal for us.

The last celebration before 1 year old, all of us celebrate the first time of Children’s day called Hatsu-zekku (初節句). The date for boy is May 5th called Tango-no-sekku (端午の節句) and for girl is March 3rd  called Hina-Matsuri (雛祭り). On these days, we celebrate children’s happiness, health and growth with decollating traditional dolls and having special foods.
Then baby will see in the 1st birthday. Some of the celebration day is coming only once in our life, so I enjoy with family and pray for kids as ever.